"Podere Crispino", owned by Mr and Mrs Tuccio Tommaso and Chiara Letizia Coldorfei Carraresi Tuci, is an organic farm, specialized in the production of Tuscan extravergine olive oil. Its distinctive feature is their common passion for the cultivation of olive trees, typical plants of the Mediterranean area.

It follows a long family tradition, that has been handed down to the present day through a continual refinement of techniques aimed at enhancing the different local varieties, so exalting their qualities and typical characteristics.

The couple's "mindset" (forma mentis) has a strong humanistic component, marked by a philosophy concerning the affirmation of the values of man and nature, so well summed up in what can be defined the "manifesto" of the farm: "we do organic because we believe in man".

All this contributes to the implementation of a unique product of its kind: "Extravergine Rusellae Oil". Oil with extraordinary qualities which has brilliantly passed every strict and accurate control for the achievement of recognition by Certification Bodies (IGP, BIO), as required by law.