From the village of Roselle, Etruscan settlement in the past and then transformed into the Baths of Diocletian (Balneum de Roselle) in the Roman Period, Podere Crispino, centre of excellence in the production of organic oil, stretches from the foot of the hill Moscona through twenty hectares in Maremma Toscana.

It is located in an ideal position in terms of soil and climate, with an exposition of the land to the south and largely protected from cold winds north by a hilly belt and with the influence of the sea placed at a right distance (about twenty km away); all this determines microclimatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of olive trees, typical plants of the Mediterranean area.

Moreover, the environmental setting around the farm is favoured by the presence in the surrounding area of other realities that use only organic farming techniques, so allowing the development of an antagonist "entomofauna" over the time, capable to prevent the proliferation of pathogens and so creating a perfect natural balance which exalts the characteristics of the native varieties. Pruning is moderate and non-invasive, in order not to upset the lymphatic flow of the plant, but aimed at achieving a constant production especially from the qualitative point of view.